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FACTS offers members of the food and allied industries great depth and breadth of knowledge within one company. We are an authentic, multidisciplinary and connected team of experts, with medical, food science, dietetic, genetic and commercial knowledge. Our synergy of skills allows us to offer unparalleled expertise in the analytical testing, nutritional, regulatory, advisory and educational domains and provides vital advantages to our clients.

We continually invest in our people, technology and partnerships to ensure that we sustain our solid foundation in scientific excellence. Our committed team of researchers has a strong presence in local and international networks and collaborative projects and represent a trusted scientific workforce, referenced by the academia, industry and government.

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The ability of bacteria to resist the action of an antibiotic is known as ‘antibiotic resistance’. This antibiotic resistance severely li...

Keep Antibiotics Working

18 December 2018
The ability of bacteria to resist the action of an antibiotic is known as ‘antibiotic resistance’. This antibiotic resistance severely limits the number of antibiotics available for the treatment of a number of diseases. Before the discovery of antibiotics, thousands of people died from bacterial diseases such as pneumonia, or infections following surgery. Now that antibiotics have been discovered and are being widely used, more and more bacteria that were susceptible have become resistant, and have developed numerous different means of fighting against antibiotics. Due to this increase in resistance, several new antibiotics have been discovered and marketed in recent years; despite these discoveries, antibiotic resistance is now a major public health threat.
Read more … The European Antibiotic Awareness Day took place on 18 November 2018, raising awareness about the threat to public health from antibiotic resistance, and the importance of the prudent use of antibiotics. Using antibiotics prudently can help to stop resistant bacteria from developing, and keep antibiotics effective for generations to come. The scientists working at the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) are working together with the European Centre for Disease Control (ECDC) on the latest annual report on resistance levels in bacteria found in humans, food and animals. Read more …

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