Food Industry Trends 2019

This alert was summarised by the FACTS team.

Convenience, tech-savvy, waste management, plastic-free and plant-based foods.

2018 saw a move towards a more conscientious lifestyle and food choices made by consumers. For 2019, the trend continues along with an increase in the use of technological advances in traceability systems and smart packaging.

Meal Kits and Smart Packaging:
Food Kits that are ready-to-prepare and delivered to your door are ever increasing in popularity with consumers. Running low on milk? Smart packaging allows for packaging that can order a replacement bottle online for you. 

Blockchain based supply chains:
The Listeria crises in 2018 took several weeks for the government to trace the source of the Listeria; with blockchain technologies, this type of information could be sourced within seconds.

Sugar Reduction:
The fight against sugar continues with the use of MycoTechnology as bitter blockers to make the products appear sweeter.

Plant-based, insect and lab grown protein:
Plant, insect and lab-grown protein are being embraced by industries all over the world and major investment is going into creating sustainable meat alternatives that have the same benefits of a good ol’ steak and chips.

Environmental sustainability:
Companies are finding creative ways to “up-cycle” their food waste into delicious new products to curb the tonnes of food being discarded. Others are making use of edible films on fruits to prevent spoilage.  Read more …

With these trends in mind, 2019 is bound to be an exciting year in terms of food product development!