New Advertising Regulatory Board (ARB) open for complaints

The Advertising Regulatory Board (ARB) has already issued their first formal decision, soon after being formed by the marketing and advertising industry.

After the Advertising Standards Authority of South Africa was placed under liquidation, consumers were left with no recourse when wanting to complain about advertising content. The ARB now fulfils this function, which includes examining the content of advertising, with the aim of removing misleading or offensive advertising (the ARB will not get you the advertised deal or price!).

Advertising includes any published claim that tries to promote the use or purchase of goods or services. It includes packaging, websites and social media, as well as non-traditional advertising. “It’s a good idea to read the website, and look at Section II of the Code, before you lodge a complaint,” says ARB CEO Gail Schimmel.

Visit the ARB website at, where you will find their easy-to-use complaint form, or email them at [email protected].