Packaging pollution becoming a neighbourhood project

Litter, in all its forms, is a fact of modern life. How we choose to manage this challenge is a decision that connects us to our environment. Wishing litter away will not make it disappear. Disposing of it in a conscientious and sustainable manner is a step in the right direction. Choosing environmentally sensitive products; re-using what we can; reducing where possible; recycling if at all viable – these should become part of our shopping habits.

Working in the South African food industry, we are acutely aware of the food packaging challenges we face. We have found ourselves more frequently considering smart and innovative ways to reduce the impact packaging has on the environment.

Neighbourhood clean-ups in South Africa and across the globe are joining together to tackle packaging litter. This is a good example of how our neighbourhoods can make a difference – and perhaps, where the food industry could identify innovative ways to reduce the impact their packaging has on the environment. Stand up and become part of the solution: join a community clean-up today!