Are you stuck at a scientific crossroad? The solution is custom testing

Aligned with our mission to provide the best possible service to our clients, we have expanded our analytical capabilities to provide custom services and ‘custom’ testing. This is how we can help you.

Our analytical department uses a wide range of scientific tools, specialised skill sets and some ‘out-of-the-box’ thinking to solve atypical challenges that arise periodically during food production. These challenges range from identifying foreign matter, to detecting adulterants, to tracing the root cause of contaminants or quantifying specific compounds in a matrix. Our multidisciplinary team seeks answers to any question and solutions to any problem.

During the new product development process, for example, product stability and ingredient interaction can cause critical food manufacturing challenges. In a recent case, a new food product manufactured under refrigerated temperatures experienced layer separation after two months of storage at ambient temperature. Initially, these changes were hypothesised to be the result of either microbiological spoilage changing the pH, or a chemical reaction between ingredients reducing the effectiveness of the stabilisers used in the product. After investigation by our team, the separation was found to be the result of active enzymes present in a new ingredient that had recently been added to improve aroma and flavour. These enzymes were responsible for the breakdown of polysaccharides into simple sugars that disturbed the binding stability of the product, ultimately causing separation.

The analytical department offers clients a customised service that will provide the scientific evidence to confirm a hunch, bridge a gap, or simply offer peace of mind. Contact us or send an email to [email protected] to find out more.