COVID-19 Strategies for Managing Food Supply-Chain Risk

It seems that the world over, we’re all scrambling to gain an understanding of what COVID-19 means to our industry. There is currently no evidence to support that the transmission of SARS-CoV-2 is associated with food. The virus, however, will potentially have a secondary effect on food safety, security, and the supply chain due to its occupation health risk profile.

Listen in to the FoodChain ID webinar on COVID-19 Strategies for Managing Food Supply-Chain Risk to gain insight into international thinking around how to manage food supply-chain risks during the pandemic, and tap into expert ideas regarding the extent of the disruption.

Points of interest

  • Gary Smith, from FoodChain ID, spoke about the contingency plans international certification bodies are putting in place during this time of uncertainty – including the implementation of remote and virtual audits, an extension of certificates and what that entails, and who qualifies for an extension. This information is detailed from minute 05:29 to 08:30 of the webinar.
  • Gary Smith discusses the process of conducting a risk assessment for certificate extensions, and describes best practice for a remote audit, from minute 09:25 to 15:28.
  • Kevin Kenny (from Decernis) and Gary Smith emphasise the importance of managing new supplier approval in emergencies such as the COVID-19 pandemic, and of accounting for the food fraud risks that are brought about by added pressure on the supply chain as demand for food products increases. Emergency approval is addressed from minute 15:30 to 18:05. Food fraud incidents (such as honey adulteration) and supply-chain disruptions are discussed in minute 22:38 to 29:00.
  • Dr David Acheson from The Acheson Group discusses ways to manage uninfected and potentially infected staff in a facility, as well as how to manage customers or visitors who may need to visit the site – from minute 37:09 to 44:55.

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To equip yourself with knowledge on how to manage food supply-chain risks during a pandemic, watch the full recording here:

Upcoming webinars to watch out for

FoodChain ID will be hosting a webinar titled Food Fraud, Supply-Chain Hazard, Regulations / Learn a Better Way To Manage Upstream And Downstream Risks / Coronavirus Update with Dr. David Acheson; this is set to take place on 8 April. For more information or to register for the webinar, please follow this link:

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