FACTS Innovation

Since the formation of FACTS in 2004, our team has been determined to remain focused on being an innovation-led, customer-centric food assurance service provider. When assisting our clients, we instinctually rely on our core values to maintain our approach to supporting our clients, so that their companies can deliver safe and authentic food to their customers.

Core values that have served us well include integrity, ethics, reliability and responsibility; scientific excellence; being collaborative, innovative and holistic; focusing on a multidisciplinary approach; being solution-driven and consumer- and employee-centric; giving prompt attention; and maintaining our ambitions for our own personal development.

Company innovations that support our customers

Placing value on providing input which results in solution-based approaches to our clients’ challenges has allowed us to develop a technical team expert in the skills of food science, dietetics, food technology, microbiology, biochemistry, medicine and genetics, as well as in knowledge of commercial and legal frameworks.

Our ability to support our clients with our technical skills is underpinned by a strong foundation in the laboratory. This too has been an area of speciality and innovation. Our testing catalogue, which was introduced with specific allergen testing, has developed over the years to include a full bouquet of allergen tests available to our clients, as well as meat- and fish-species detection and other authenticity-testing methods that can either be selected from our routine tests or custom-designed based on specific needs.

The combination of these technical and analytical skills in one company, along with our genuine inquisitiveness and an interest in scientific evidence, makes FACTS a unique company serving the food industry in South Africa.

FACTS vision: Striving to be a globally recognised, innovation-led, customer-centric food assurance service provider.

Contact FACTS and allow us to introduce you to our team leaders, who will best be suited to assisting you with your food-analysis or technical needs.