Consumer Assurance

A food manufacturing company requires stringent brand management, and a comprehensive programme to consolidate the numerous aspects of the manufacture and sale of their products. This includes compliance with food and consumer legislation, along with identifying vulnerabilities for each product type. Each foodstuff or product has different requirements and challenges. A Consumer Assurance Programme (CAP) is the ‘one-stop checklist’ that brings all the aspects of brand management together.

Custom-made Consumer Assurance Programmes:

  • Consolidate regulations and standards relevant to the food product or category, by cross-referencing all applicable regulations laid down by the various regulatory authorities.
  • Incorporate relevant risks associated with the product, the production process and the manufacturing environment.
  • Identify possible unforeseen risks in the chain of custody, and consider product- or origin-specific risks not yet regulated in South Africa or elsewhere in the world.
  • Ensure that all suppliers provide a comprehensive product information form (PIF/supplier questionnaire).
  • Set up a testing schedule based on the regulations and standards identified.
  • Arrange to have the products analysed by a trusted laboratory.
  • Consolidate testing results and offer a meaningful interpretation of the results.
  • Ensure the inclusion of a traceability system.

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