Custom Analysis

Aligned with our mission to be the food industry’s go-to company for peace of mind, we offer custom analyses.

The custom analytical department aims to help our clients navigate atypical production challenges or find a testing solution for an unusual request by using a wide range of scientific tools, specialised skill sets, and some ‘out-of-the-box’ thinking.

Our multidisciplinary team seeks answers to every question and solutions to any problem.

What are some examples of custom analyses?

Foreign object identification 

Despite the implementation of food safety systems, foreign objects still manage to find their way into food products. A physical contaminant may pose a major risk to a consumer’s safety and threaten a brand’s reputation. Establishing the identity of a foreign object is crucial for root-cause analyses and preventing reoccurrences.

Product contamination testing

Accidental or suspected product contamination may warrant difficult decision making regarding whether a product should be discarded or not. Testing a product for contamination can provide valuable insights in this decision-making process.

Testing for atypical analytes

Some compounds may not be tested routinely in food samples. However, confirming the levels of these compounds in a product may be required for compliance, composition, authenticity or food safety studies.

Testing for food fraud

Testing is a key element of effective food fraud prevention. However, selecting appropriate tests for food fraud can be difficult. The types of fraud relevant to a specific food ingredient are constantly changing as fraudsters come up with innovative methods of adulteration.

Using incident and horizon scanning databases, a range of scientific techniques and existing knowledge and expertise, we help take the guesswork out of food fraud testing and identify appropriate analytical solutions to meet your food fraud testing objectives.


What if a test method is not available?

FACTS strives to support our clients and meet their testing needs, whatever these may be. If a test method is not currently offered by the FACTS laboratory or other laboratories, we will look into developing the required method on your behalf.

What is the cost of these custom analytical tests?

Testing costs are dependent on the availability of the method and volume of samples submitted. If a method needs to be developed to execute a particular analytical strategy, costs will be dependent on the required equipment, reagents and scientific research. Quotations may be generated on a case-to-case basis.

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