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Are you looking for Regulatory and Nutrition assistance? Then you’ve come to the right place.

Our diverse regulatory team includes consulting registered dieticians and food scientists who understand the South African food and beverage regulatory framework and how the regulations interact with each other. Our experience shows that it is vital to ensure that your food label requirements are met before you retail your product or import it into South Africa.

We have also found that our clients enjoy the greatest benefit when they consider the detail of their labels and the requirements of the regulations during the initial stages of the food product development process. This ensures efficient use of development resources.

Overall, we have one goal in mind: to use and apply our regulatory knowledge and nutrition expertise to make your food labels comply with the South African food regulations and ensure your peace of mind.

Food label compliance

There are various regulations with which your food labels must comply. The FACTS team will evaluate your products and provide suggestions to correct or adapt them to comply with South African food regulations.

If required, we will check your compliance against the regulations for the Department of Health (DoH), the Department of Agriculture, Land Reform and Rural Development (DALRRD), and the Department of Trade, Industry and Competition (DTIC). Remember that regulations also include aspects such as allowable ingredients and product claims.

Our diverse regulatory team can smooth your way to South African food labelling and regulatory compliance.

We can assist with the following:

  • Providing the minimum requirements for label development
  • Ensuring that final labels are compliant with all relevant legislation
  • Checking compliance with DoH, DALRRD and DTIC regulations

Engagement with regulatory authorities

Our extensive experience and longstanding relationships with the food labelling regulators allow us to assist you with higher-level engagement with the various departments, be it in applying for a dispensation or liaising with the regulators regarding how to interpret certain aspects of the legislation.

Food product development 

Our team of food scientists and dieticians use and apply our regulatory knowledge and our nutrition expertise to assist you in New Product Development. Some areas in which we can add value are: compositional requirements, identifying testing requirements, and evaluating the permissibility of ingredients and proposed claims.

Nutrition services

Both our dieticians have their own part-time private practices, which means they are in tune with the consumer’s experience of food products. They can provide various dietetic services such as the nutritional requirements of various target markets and give nutritional input during Product Development, and assist with nutritional information calculations.

Food Regulatory Training South Africa

We offer a range of general and customised regulatory training programmes. Please visit our training calendar page to see which of our popular general programmes are coming up next.

Customised training, meaning a training programme can be designed for your organisation’s specific requirements, can be done virtually or on-site. FACTS will include practical examples directly related to the products and/or systems used by your facility, enabling your team to workshop innovative solutions to your particular challenges.

If you’re interested in the training we offer and you know your team’s needs, please provide us with more information about your company and team by completing our easy-to-use online form. If you would like to take the opportunity to explore your training needs with FACTS, please contact us.


What aspects of my label are assessed?

  • The minimum information legally required on a food label, e.g. product name, address, date marking and country of origin, to name a few See our infographic
  • Letter sizes
  • Net contents (Quantity indication according to SANS 289)
  • Images used
  • Ingredient list, including QUID (quantitative ingredient declaration) and allergen declarations, presented in a ready-to-use format
  • Nutrition, health and other claims and statements
  • Nutritional information format and calculations, presented in a ready-to-use format
  • Recommendations for serving-size values (with the assistance of our in-house dieticians)
  • Calculation of Nutrient Reference Values (NRVs)
  • Compliance with additive regulations (e.g. whether the additives used are allowed for the specific product)

Who will be available to assist me?

Our regulatory team is made up of Gabrielle Stevens, Karen Horsburgh, Anina Steenkamp and Roxanne Gieske. Their many years of experience with regulations and  the health and food industry, and their relationships with the regulatory authorities, mean a powerful team approach to finding the right answers for your specific needs.

How much does it cost? Do you have a fee per label reviewed?

Each project is individually quoted; the cost is dependent on the complexity of the labels, how many regulations must be taken into account, and whether the regulatory authorities need to be consulted. There is no set fee per label evaluation or project.

Do you check compliance with the Department of Health labelling regulations (R. 146) only, or with other regulations too?

We are able to check any South African regulations relating to foods that you would need to include in the evaluation, including those of the DoH, DALRRD and DTIC (which includes NRCS and the relevant SANS standards when compulsory).

Can I use the same label for South Africa and for export markets?

Most countries have different regulations pertaining to labelling, which makes it difficult to design one label that will fit more than one country’s requirements. You will probably need to have a label for each country you export to, depending on that country’s requirements.

Can you assist with testing for or calculating our products’ nutritional information?

We can facilitate this analysis, which we will then use to create a nutritional table according to the current regulatory requirements. Nutritional information does not need to be included on your label in all cases; if you are not sure whether you need to test, we can advise you, or you can see our helpful decision tree. You may even be able to calculate the information, rather than testing to establish it; we are more than happy to assist you with this.

Will you help us identify what claims we can make on our product labels?

Yes, if requested – we can make suggestions as to what claims can be made, along with facilitating the analysis of the product.

I would like to upskill my staff on regulations; can you help?

We can assist by conducting in-house training to meet your specific needs. You can also join our workshops and other training sessions – keep an eye on our events page, to see what’s coming up next.

If you are interested in our services, please contact us.

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