Testing & Interpretation

The FACTS laboratory was the first in South Africa to offer commercial detection and quantification of common food allergens.

  • Food allergen detection and quantification (ELISA & PCR)
  • Animal species screening (testing of 24 species)
  • Fish and animal species identification
  • Herbs and spices – authenticity*

* Microscopic screening of spice and herb products can identify potential adulterants and/or contaminants, thus indicating the purity of the product.

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The FACTS team offers support pre- and post-analysis, and can assist you to:

  • Choose what to test for
  • Determine how and where to sample
  • Choose the most appropriate method
  • Assist with risk assessments, based on testing results

Please note: Result interpretation and practical recommendations made do not fall under the FACTS laboratory scope of Acceptance note.


FACTS strives to be a company that offers peace of mind. We approach our clients’ challenges by applying the skills of our multidisciplinary team. We decide on relevant scientific literature, and consider test results and regulatory requirements; and incorporating all this relevant information, we prepare a report, with the goal of including the collected data in a way that is accessible to management.

Our team is well positioned to assist with the development of your company’s Consumer Assurance programmes, which may include regulatory audits.

The test results required for our customers may be sourced from the FACTS laboratory, or from another laboratory suitable for performing the necessary analysis. Our 15 years of experience in working with the South African food regulations gives us the ability to identify which regulations are relevant, along with how a combination of relevant regulations will work together. We use our combined skills to interpret the test results in the full regulatory context, and provide them in a format that is easy to understand.


How do I go about getting my sample tested?
The first step is to request a quote for the analyses you need. If you are not sure what to test for, give us a call. Together with the quote we will send you an acceptance note, also available here , and all relevant information. Please take note of our terms and conditions and special sample considerations.

How much sample do you need?
FACTS needs at least 300g of product to complete any of the testing done in our laboratory. For facilitated testing, please enquire with us how much is required for the specific testing you require. Proper sampling is key for optimal results. Contact FACTS if you are unsure of the best sampling strategy to use. Ensure that samples are handled and transported as per the information supplied on our acceptance note.

Must samples be packed and transported in any specific way?
Please consult our acceptance note for more information on how samples must be packed and transported. It is important to ensure that cold samples remain cool, and that no spills occur during transportation, which could lead to cross-contamination.

To where must we deliver samples?
Please arrange for samples to be delivered to the FACTS office: The Woodmill, Office 10A 1st Floor, Vredenburg Road, Stellenbosch.

Does FACTS collect samples?
FACTS does not collect samples, but we can coordinate a courier to collect samples at your premises. This will be an additional cost on your final invoice.

When can I expect results?
Lead times are available on the testing catalogue. Generally results will be available within 4 to 7 working days for ELISA testing, and within 10 to 14 days for PCR (DNA) testing. Lead times will apply once a sample/s , acceptance note and purchase order are received.

What if the analysis I require is not on the testing catalogue?
We are able to outsource to a trusted laboratory who will conduct the tests on your behalf. We will manage the sample delivery and testing procedure. The results will be provided to you with an interpretation of what they mean in the context of SA regulatory requirements. Please contact us for more information on this service.

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