Dr Karim Dhanani

biochemist, scientific officer


PhD Biochemistry (Rhodes)

The word science is derived from the Latin word for knowledge, and I think this pretty much sums up its importance to all human endeavour. With the right knowledge and the right tools, there are few limits to the problems that can be overcome. Being able to solve problems and think about important issues every day is a great honour, and FACTS has enabled me to do what I enjoy doing with a great team of talented people.


  • Research and innovation
  • Assay development
  • Analytical methods
  • Quantitative reasoning


Karim is a published research biochemist involved in assay development and validation. He completed his doctoral work at the Biomedical Biotechnology Research Unit (RU) on the regulation of gene expression in breast cancer. Before this, he completed an MSc on the development and commercialisation of fermentation biotechnologies.

His achievements include scholarships from the National Research Foundation, and full academic honours from Rhodes University. He is also a successful entrepreneur, having initiated or been involved in a number of innovative start-ups, including South Africa’s first bottled fermented mead.

Karim formerly managed the technical development of agricultural antibiotic replacements, and has applied the latest molecular research tools in solving unique problems. He has taught biochemical theory and techniques at university level, and has worked professionally with both public and private STEM-sector actors, both in South Africa and overseas.

In particular, Karim offers industry a skillset for solving unique and novel problems, and for the development of innovative and effective analytical methods.

When he’s not in the lab, Karim likes to explore, encounter new ideas, and generally try new things.

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