Emma Peacock



B.Sc. Dietetics (Stellenbosch) (HONOURS)

My life experiences have established my passion for health and people. I have a sense of purpose: to use my knowledge and profession as a tool to provide science-based information that in the end will cultivate positive change.


  • Food regulation review
  • Dietetic private practice
  • Nutrition & health projects
  • Client relations


Emma is a registered dietician. After completing her clinical community service in rural northern KwaZulu-Natal, she spent a year backpacking around the world. She then moved to Johannesburg, where she was involved in private-practice dietetics.

At FACTS, Emma assists with nutrition, health and food-label legislation projects, as well as visiting clients in Gauteng. With her science-based knowledge of food and nutrition, she is competent in critically analysing client needs, while maintaining ethical standards that serve consumers within the food industry.

She thrives on learning new things, building positive relationships and challenging herself to new heights, in both her career and her personal life.

Outside of the working environment Emma enjoys trail running, rustic travel and outdoor adventure, sharing laughs, experiencing unfamiliar cuisine and culture, gardening and crafting.

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