Karen Horsburgh



B.Sc. Dietetics (Stellenbosch)

I enjoy offering a service to clients that takes their headaches away – I like to make life easier for them, to empower people to be a success and to know for themselves, to help solve problems, to complete things in the kind of detailed manner that others may miss…


  • 17 years of consulting in food regulations & food allergies
  • Understanding of the South African regulatory environment
  • Fostering relationships with regulatory authorities
  • Food regulation training & facilitation


Karen is a Registered Dietitian with over 17 years of experience in offering regulatory services to food industry clients. In this time, she has experienced the journey of many regulations published or still in development; she has built relationships with both the regulatory authorities and the food industry; and she has gained insight into how the various regulatory authorities and their regulations interact.

The various levels of regulatory assistance include evaluation of food labels to ensure compliance with SA food legislation, assistance with liaising with regulatory authorities, applying for dispensations, and inhouse training of staff.

Her other professional interest is food allergies, adding a medical perspective to the FACTS consulting services which includes assisting food-industry clients with handling consumer-adverse food reactions. Other passions include good food, nature and new experiences.

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