Marlouw Engelbrecht



M.Sc. Medical Physiology (Stellenbosch)

I have always loved the sciences, but science is a very weird and wonderful (and broad) field. After finishing my M.Sc. degree in medical physiology, I couldn’t decide where I wanted to start my career.

After diverging from science and tending to my creative side for two years, I realised that I wanted to get back into the scientific field. And after a series of very fortunate events, I came across FACTS; and now I have the privilege of working as a scientist in the food industry – a field that I never thought I’d be part of.

I am challenged daily and learn new things constantly. I enjoy working with the passionate FACTS team, and the office morale makes my work day all the more exciting.


  • Laboratory analyst
  • Immunological analysis: ELISA (protein)
  • Molecular (DNA) analysis: DNA extraction & PCR
  • Sample administration and preparation


Marlouw is responsible for preparing samples for testing, conducting tests for the detection of protein residues, and assisting in performing tests for the detection of DNA residues in food products.

She obtained her Master’s degree in medical physiology at Stellenbosch University, focusing on cardiovascular research and mitochondrial studies. She investigated the effect of chronic ingestion of Afriplex™ GRT on myocardial insulin resistance and mitochondrial function.

After her studies and before working at FACTS, Marlouw worked in social media and the floral design industry for two years. Now she’s back in the lab; and when she’s not there, she spends time with her family and friends, or in her garden with her plants, or reading, sketching, and just pottering around the house. She also has a passion for photography, horticulture and floral design.

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