Tashrika Tolker



B.Sc. Life Science
(Zoology & Microbiology) (Unisa)

After completing my Bachelor of Science degree, I aimed to work for a company that would support both my scientific background and my creative personality. Working with FACTS, I am able to gain invaluable experience and be part of their incredible journey of success, which keeps me motivated and goal-driven each day.


  • Zoology & microbiological testing
  • Digital & social media marketing
  • Project management
  • Knowledge of the international laboratory ISO 17025 quality standard


Tashrika completed her Bachelor of Science in Life Science through UNISA, majoring in zoology & microbiology. She took on numerous volunteer positions in and around Gauteng, including at animal rehabilitation centres.

She started becoming more interested in the food industry and microbiological testing, which brought her to the Western Cape. Here, she gained experience as a microbiologist.

Some of Tashrika’s duties at FACTS include managing the client database, and digital and social media marketing. This means she is exposed to all the divisions within the company, and she assists in merging them so as to best represent the company.

Tashrika enjoys exploring the outdoors, whale-watching drives along the coast, and relaxing on the beach.

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