Hygiena AlerTox®•Sticks Mustard Seed

AlerTox®●Sticks Mustard Seed is a rapid immunochromatographic test for quantitative detection of mustard in raw materials, final products, and on surfaces.


Raw, unprocessed mustard seed protein

Applicable Matrices:

Rinse water, Food contact surfaces, Ingredients and Products*


2 ppm

Tests per unit:


Number of Units

More information about Hygiena AlerTox®•Sticks Mustard Seed

AlerTox®●Sticks Mustard Seed uses a unique combination of monoclonal antibodies against a major mustard-seed antigen (Sin a 2), the legumin-like 11S seed-storage protein (cruciferin, CRU4).

It detects the antigens of all mustard varieties, including wasabi.

The range of detection (ROD) is 5-1 000 ppm.

The test is easy to perform, and has a range of detection of 5-1 000 ppm.

No special equipment is required, and results can be generated in as little as 10-15 minutes

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