Terms & Conditions


The following terms and definitions shall be relevant for the reading of these Terms and Conditions:

‘Client’ shall be deemed to be a person and/or organisation including a representative, agent or employee of the person and/or organisation entering into a service agreement with FACTS..

‘FACTS’ (Food and Allergy Testing Services) provides food and
allergy testing services to the client and shall be construed to
encompass its officers, agents, representatives and employees.

‘Services’ shall be deemed to consist of the following:

  1. ‘Allergen Testing’ means tests to detect and quantify allergens in foodstuffs, beverages and related products; and/or
  2. ‘DNA Testing’ means DNA-Based Species Detection and/or Identification to detect and/or identify animal species in foodstuffs, beverages and related products; and/or
  3. ‘Microscopic Assessment / Identification of Herbs and Spices’ means the microscopic or histological identification of herbs and/ or spices; and/or
  4. ‘Outsource Testing’ means analyses which are not routinely conducted by the FACTS laboratory, and are sent to competent laboratories; and/or
  5. ‘Labelling Consulting’ means evaluating a foodstuff’s product label compliance with regard to the applicable legislation; and/or
  6. ‘General Consulting’ means an report/opinion provided by FACTS based on information required by the client which falls within FACTS’ areas of expertise regarding, among other things, the interpretation of certain regulations, standards, procedures, and/or allergen risk assessment tools; and/or
  7. ‘Labelling Regulatory Training’ means training provided on certain regulations and standards which pertain to food product labelling in South Africa; and/or
  8. ‘Allergen Training’ means training provided to Management and/or Factory Workers teaching principles for the purpose of handling food during production in order to reduce the risk of allergen cross contact within the food manufacturing facility.

“Sample” shall be deemed to be (but not limited to) a sample of the final product / intermediate product / raw material / ingredient / rinse water / flush samples / swabs collected and brought to FACTS for testing.


  1. The following Terms and Conditions constitute the sole basis for any and all agreements / contracts regarding services provided by FACTS.
  2. FACTS shall not accept any: conflicting; variant; subsidiary; or, deviant conditions unless such conditions are expressly agreed to in writing.

FACTS will provide services using reasonable care and skill and in accordance with the Client’s instructions and/or requirements. In the absence of such instructions and/or requirements FACTS will provide services using any relevant custom, usage or practice; and/or methods as FACTS shall consider appropriate on technical, operation and/or financial grounds.


  2. FACTS, through its laboratory division, conducts:
    1. tests to detect and quantify allergens in foodstuffs, beverages and related products; and/or
    2. DNA tests to detect and/or identify animal species in foodstuffs, beverages and related products.
  3. FACTS, through a specialist in Microscopic Assessments offers the identification of certain Herbs and Spices is based on reference material which provides information on individual spice structures, characteristic shapes and sizes, crystal structure and colour.
  4. FACTS can only report on the results of the tests performed on the sample received. FACTS in no way warrants, represents or implies that the rest of the same batch which has not been tested will achieve a similar test result if tested.
  5. All analytical work is conducted professionally, in accordance with all applicable standard laboratory practises. The data contained in the report reflects FACTS best attempt to generate accurate results for the specific sample(s).


A. General

  1. All samples submitted by clients must be accompanied by an acceptance note completed by an authorised person, containing comprehensive and accurate information.
  2. Samples of the products to be tested are given by the client to FACTS and it is the responsibility of the client to perform sampling that is random and representative of the specific batch
  3. It is the responsibility of clients to inform the laboratory of additional information pertaining to samples submitted, such as; specific storage conditions, high sugar content, high fat content, hydrolysed / fermented product, alcohol content, etc.
  4. Where applicable, the batch numbers of the samples must be provided
  5. FACTS offers testing, as reflected in our testing catalogue on food and related products.
  6. FACTS is SANAS accredited for selected methods per its schedule of accreditation available on the SANAS website
  7. All information pertaining to the clients is strictly confidential.
  8. All testing is done in duplicate, with the exception of swab samples, which are tested in single.
  9. FACTS will issue the Test Report containing test results per sample per analysis requested.

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